Freight Consolidation

For smaller, less container load ("LCL"), shipments, ABC Trucking and Logistics will consolidate your cargo with other freight. By consolidating the bookings of many large shipping volumes, ATL offers a competitive edge over other shipping companies. Through our worldwide network of quality agents, we will devan and deliver your cargo to its destination.

As an independent operator, ABC Trucking and Logistics, LLC. is able to offer optimum cost effective shipping services to every destination. ATL services embrace not only port to port, door to port, door to door, but also inland transshipment in other countries. Our personnel have extensive experience in handling, receiving and stuffing export LCL freight into steamship containers. The most important part of this service is to maximize the utility of the cubic capacity of cargo containers so that you enjoy the reduced rate that results from packing cargo more densely into the container.

Packing, crating, blocking, bracing, securing, paneling, and platforming are part of an efficient freight consolidation. Our trained expert personnel are capable of performing all of these tasks with each and every container for the sole purpose of reducing the cost of your shipment.